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Matchmaking TV program on Tanegashima Island, islanders' divine response

Matchmaking TV program on Tanegashima Island, islanders' divine response
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The matchmaking TV show on Tanegashima Island and the islanders' godly response to the show

A popular TV show that aired around 2014, in which women who applied from all over the country went on blind dates in various locations, had a Tanegashima version broadcast.

I will now introduce you to the touching local people of Tanegashima for this program.

Overview of Tanegashima Omiai Daisakusen

To explain briefly, there was a "Tanegashima version" of a TV matchmaking show.

You may go to Tanegashima as a bride! A total of 36 women (15 in their 20s, 17 in their 30s, 2 in their 40s, and 2 in their 50s) came forward as
They came to Tanegashima from all over Japan (at their own expense) for blind dates with 27 local men.

The schedule of the blind date at Tanegashima was as follows.

Day 1
Arrival of prospective brides at Tanegashima → Miai Kaitenzushi (arranged marriage) → Free time (Nishinoomote City)
Day 2
Miai barbecue (Minami-Tane Town) → Home visit → Final free time
Third day
Confession time (Tanegashima Space Center)

This article is about the true island's response to the arrival of prospective brides at Tanegashima on Day 1, which was broadcast for a few seconds on TV.

Photographers were amazed to see the prospective brides greeted by the total force of Tanegashima

Surprisingly, the people of Tanegashima are quite accustomed to TV interviews, etc., for rocket launches, etc., but when they do it, they seem to do it.

In the case of TV and movie shoots, they generously offer their support.

I feel that this is exactly how they handled the situation when a foreign ship was shipwrecked in a storm and drifted ashore on Tanegashima in the past.

A matchmaking TV program on Tanegashima Island, the islanders' divine response, and the arrival of wives on the island!

The women participating in the Tanegashima blind date were to come on the high-speed boat Toppy Rocket.

At the high-speed boat terminal, they would be met by the Tanegashima faculties, who were surprisingly accommodating to the photographers.

Unfortunately, it was raining heavily that day

It was around 2:00 p.m. on September 13.

Due to heavy rain, many tents were set up around the high-speed boat terminal in the morning at a rapid pace, and local yosakoi teams were also preparing for the event.

It's amazing how welcoming this rain is to Yosakoi!

It was pouring so hard that I was worried about dancing in this rain, but preparations for the welcome were proceeding unobtrusively.

The island girls are cheerful even in the rain.

The joint team of "Yorai KING" and "Shimakoi" is getting ready.

The middle school brass band is also preparing


Bride came to Tanegashima 03

Fresh Tanegashima (women who serve as Tanegashima's tourism ambassadors) are also here

It's raining, you have to wear a towel, and it's December, so even though it's Tanegashima, it looks a bit cold.


A bride came to Tanegashima 04

Remote island flash squad Tannegashiman has also been called

The remote island flash squad, Tanegashima Man, who has been fighting for Tanegashima's issues, etc. as the villainous Jaaslow Empire, is also here.

Thanks to Tanegashima-man, it will surely be a peaceful blind date.

By the way, it is correct to call "Sen" not "Sen" but "Shen".

Also, I remember that the previous heel was "Javache", but now it seems to be Jaaslow Empire.


Detached island squadron tanegashima-man

Island men lined up on the quay in heavy rain an hour before the bride's arrival

I thought it was a long time, but when I looked at the EXIF of the photo, I saw that this photo was taken at 14:58, and the prospective bride arrived an hour later at around 15:53, which means that the men participating in the blind date on the island were standing around in their suits for over an hour on the boat landing in the heavy rain.

It made me a little bit woozy to think how hard it is to be a man.

People from the island are also arriving one after another.

Tanegashima's yosakoi team is also preparing for the event. Finally, the Yosakoi team is ready to go out in the rain!

They seem motivated and ready to go.

Stand by on the messy ground underfoot.

TV staff would like you to meet your bride on the quay!

The yosakoi team is moving to the landing site in a hurry, probably because of the TV station's intention. The team had to move out of the ground once.


Yosakoi departure 11

Waiting for the arrival of the brides' fast boat at the landing quay

This is a yosakoi team moving from the ground to the wharf.

The photographer was exhausted, but the young people were in good spirits!

Locals know all about the arrival times of the high-speed boats

The ship hasn't come in yet, has it? Still, they are cheerful young people of Tanegashima.

There were no TV cameras nearby, so we took advantage of the opportunity to take a few commemorative photos.

There are drops of water on the lens, but the cameraman is soaked all over and has nothing to wipe off.

The high-speed boat carrying the bride-to-be arrives at Tanegashima and waves grandly

On Tanegashima Island, many young people who graduate from high school leave the island every March, so waving to the boats is an important event, and they do so without anyone telling them to.

Finally, we hurried back to the grandstands and prepared to dance again.

Prospective brides walk down these stairs

As the prospective brides walk down the stairs, islanders line up on either side of them to greet them.

I stay far back so as not to be caught by the TV camera.


Arrival of fast boats 25

This is the performance after waiting in the rain for a long time. I really appreciate your hard work.

Finally, the prospective brides arrive!

We have carefully selected photos of people who are not recognizable

Although the TV actors can be found on the Internet, we only use photos of people whose faces are not clearly recognizable.

Please understand that we exclude all photos in which the celebrity can be clearly identified.

This is where the real yosakoi begins!

A yosakoi team dances on the ground, which was a mess due to heavy rain.

The photographer was moved to tears by the sight of the team waiting for a long time in the heavy rain and then welcoming the prospective brides with smiles on their faces.

Spectators also watched the game to the end with umbrellas in the rain. This is the warmth of Tanegashima.

The feet are covered with mud, but they don't mind at all. In fact, the cameraman was also covered in mud.

They danced through. The audience applauded generously.

Smiles of the Yosakoi team after the dance

The girls return to their tents soaking wet, but looking satisfied.

The next day's Operation Matchmaking barbecue event

I had no idea about the TV shooting schedule or venue, but it seemed that the next day was matchmaking barbecue, home visit, and final free time.

This barbecue was held at Kumano Beach in Minami-Tanezu, where there is a town-operated barbecue facility, and since I am a local of Minami-Tanezu, I just happened to pass by.

There's a sightseeing bus from a bus company on Tanegashima

When I went to my usual napping spot, I saw a sightseeing bus and observed from afar that it appeared to be filming a TV program.

I tried to watch from a distance so as not to disturb the filming.

I tried to watch from a distance so as not to disturb the filming. It's just too much of a nuisance.

The heavy rain yesterday made it hazy, but I tried to take this photo from a distance with a normal lens (not a surfing lens). (This is not a lens for surfing photography.)

I left there praying for a safe couple.

A summary of the matchmaking TV show on Tanegashima Island and the islanders' divine response

How were the people of Tanegashima who supported the TV program with all their might?

This article is not about the contents of the TV program, but I would like to tell you one thing.

Mr. B. Sato, who was on the program, walked up to the yosakoi team from Tanegashima dancing in the heavy rain with wet shoes and thanked them for their hard work.

It was truly a divine gesture. (I wish I had a picture of them.)

Thank you for reading to the end.

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