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Introducing Tanegashima's charming nightlife district

Introducing Tanegashima's charming nightlife district
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Tanegashima Island is currently crowded with construction workers, mainly from Nishinoomote City, for the construction of a Self Defense Forces base on the neighboring island of Magejima, and the nightlife is very lively.

What is the downtown scenery like at night in Tanegashima? At night, Tanegashima has a very calm and elegant scene.

It is like looking at the scenery of Japan 50 years ago.

In this article, we will introduce such a picturesque downtown of Minami-Tane Town at night in Tanegashima with a large number of photos, so please slide the photo gallery in the article horizontally and see to the end.

Introducing Tanegashima's quaint nightlife district, Minami-Tane Town

If you are a man, you have probably been surprised at the high prices charged when you go out at night.

However, stores on Tanegashima Island do not rip you off at all.

I lived in Tanegashima for 7 years, so I sometimes wandered around the nightlife district, but I have never met any rip-offs, so I am sure about that.

The nightlife in Tanegashima may be a bit lacking for young people, but the town is actually full of atmosphere, and the manager of this site, who was born in the Showa period (1926-1989), feels very safe there.

Here are some photos of downtown Tanegashima at night, photos that have been laid to rest for 10 years after the installation was published. Please enjoy the atmosphere of Tanegashima.

Tanegashima stores are safe wherever you enter

There are no neon lights and no catchers in the nightlife district of Tanegashima, but it is a nice town with an old-fashioned atmosphere.

Since you have come all the way to Tanegashima, I recommend you try the menu that you can only eat on the island. In particular, the tempura of thin bamboo shoots called "nigadake" is excellent.

There is also a shellfish called "turtle's hand," but I don't know how to eat it.

If you ask a store or a local person how to eat it, they will politely tell you. It's like "crackle and chew".

Do you have a restaurant where women can serve you?

Unfortunately, there are no women's services on Tanegashima Island to expect, so you might want to play at the Kagoshima Astronomy Museum or other places before you cross over to the island or when you return.

Photos of downtown Minamitane Town at a glance

Some of these are old photos from about 10 years ago, so some of them are no longer available, and some have been renovated.

The photos are mainly from my Instagram, but I have added some photos that I could not introduce.

Tanegashima's downtown area at night (Part 1)

Downtown Tanegashima at night (Part 2)

Tanegashima's nightlife district (Part 3)

Downtown Tanegashima at night (Part 4)

Tanegashima's nightlife district (Part 5)

There is no particular basis for the order of the photos. I picked them up from my HDD at random.

Summary of Tanegashima's quaint downtown area at night

These are old photos, but I hope they conveyed the tasteful atmosphere of downtown Tanegashima (Minami-Tane Town) at night.

We recommend that you visit the famous places during the day and go out to the town at night, which is tasteful and easy on your wallet.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this article.

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