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South coast of Tanegashima, famous Takezaki surf point (in front of the hotel)

South coast of Tanegashima, famous Takezaki surf point (in front of the hotel)
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Overview of the famous Takezaki surf point (in front of the hotel) on the south coast of Tanegashima Island

A guide map of surf points on Tanegashima Island can be obtained at the airport or port

Since Tanegashima Island is surrounded by the sea on all sides, there are many surfing spots.

It is sometimes difficult to know where the surf points are when you actually go there, but in the case of Tanegashima, the points are listed in the tourist information at the airport and harbor, and are quite open.

The surfing spots change depending on the day, and the wave enclosures also change depending on the day, but you will be able to surf anywhere on the island.

For a surf trip, which point should I go to?

If you come to Tanegashima for a surf trip, you probably don't know which points are good for that day.

But in Tanegashima, there should be no problem at all in this respect.

In many cases, the inn owners are surfers themselves, and they have the latest information on each surf point from weather reports and other surfers.

In other words, it is best to ask the local surfers rather than visiting each point in the dark.

They may be able to tell you about points that are not listed anywhere!

Also, if you see a car on the beach with a sticker that says "Taneha" on it, they should be able to tell you more about it.

Tanenami, an activity unique to Tanegashima Island

Tanegashima Local Communication Surf Adviser" is an abbreviation of "Tanegashima Local Communication Surf Adviser".

Tanegashima local surfers and stores cooperated with each other and started "Tanegami" as an initiative that can only be done in Tanegashima.

Taneha stickers and towels can be displayed only when individual surfers, surf chops, and lodges are certified as Taneha.

If you come to the island on a trip and see these stickers, feel free to ask them about points on Tanegashima, rules & manners, measures against corona on the island, and other things you do not understand.

They will give you friendly advice. Of course, it is free of charge (laugh).

I was also given a lot of information about today's points, and I think there is no other place where the surfing environment is so good.

Also, we are actively doing beach cleanups, etc., so please join us.

About Takezaki Surf Point (from a photographer's point of view)

There are already many surf points in Tanegashima on the web, so this article is about the points in Tanegashima from a photographer's point of view.

Takezaki surf point (point in front of the hotel) has one of the best installation points

Takezaki Point on Tanegashima is one of the best surf points on Tanegashima, and is marked by the pink hotel in front of the point.

It is also known as "Hotel Mae" on the island.


Panoramic view of Takezaki Surf Point

This hotel is actually one of the best places for famous installations, so please go there.

  • Photo of the pink wall backdrop in front of the hotel entrance
  • Nighttime pool lights up in front of the hotel (beautiful photo, but you should ask the front desk for help)

The pool can be ruined if you fire up the strobe for night shots, so it is best to use a bright lens.

I use a very bright lens, the 35mm F1.2 lens from Foktrendor, which is capable of capturing not only night scenes but also the Milky Way.


The hotel's illuminated swimming pool

The width of Takezaki Point is about 800 m. There are three shooting points

Takezaki Point is a range of surf points surrounded by rocky mountains and boulders.

When measuring the width with a golf distance meter, the width is about 800 meters.

(1) Just after descending to the sea, near the water-drinking rock of the statue


Rocks at Takesaki Point

This point has exposed rocks about 100m offshore, so many advanced surfers can avoid them properly, but the area very close to the shore is also beginner-friendly.

Because it is in the shade of the north wall, early morning shots will be in the shade, so photos will be dark.

This is the best place for photographers to wait because you can see the entire Takezaki Surf Point, so you will not miss any professional surfers coming in.

The top of the quay of the gate ball field on land is also where galleries gather, so surfers can get a good view of the spectators, and it is the closest location to the parking lot.

In case of strong winds such as typhoons, you can retreat under the cliffs or behind the buildings of the assembly hall to continue shooting, so this is a good location even in bad weather.

From this location, surfers moving at high speed in the goofy direction will be airborne, so be sure not to miss them.

BBs (body boarders) and long boarders also surf at the same points, and many of them are quite skilled, making it a very enjoyable place to shoot.

Also, if you run out of drinks while shooting surfing, you can go back to the road to a nearby store and buy drinks from a vending machine, and the restrooms and parking lot are close by, so you don't have to worry about spending a whole day or a long time shooting.


Takezaki Point Entrance

(2) Area in front of the hotel

The headquarters of the professional surfing competition held at Tanegashima is also located at this position.

Therefore, the competitions of the pro competitions are judged from this position, which can be seen there.

If you usually take surfing photos at Takesaki point, this would be the best place.

Because the sandy beach is wide and you can get behind it, you will have more freedom to take pictures, and it is the place where there are the most surfers.

Because it is a place where there are many chances to take a picture of a dynamic turn even in the state that is not so big wave, it is also enthusiastic about taking a picture.

However, depending on the time of day, the lens may be pointed completely toward the sun, so it is best to avoid flare and take good pictures by wearing a hood over your lens, or by using a parasol or a tent to avoid flare.

Taking advantage of the perfect backlighting, it is easy to take silhouette shots of surfers here.

Just be sure to ask the front desk before taking long shots of surfers from the hotel grounds.

Also, juice vending machines and restrooms are relatively close by, so I often set up in this position on sunny days, but after all, it is hot in summer.

Surf photography requires protection from direct sunlight, but there are not many insects.


In front of JPSA Tanegashima Tournament Headquarters

(3) Area at the back of the south side

This may not be a place to shoot much because there are not many surfers to begin with.

Moreover, it is a relatively difficult place to shoot because of the wide shooting area and the lack of small elevated places suitable for shooting.

It is a good place to try to shoot if there are surfers here, as it seems that there are many highly skilled surfers.

When there are big waves at Takezaki Point, tube riding in the regular direction can be photographed between the middle and the back area on the south side.

The big waves around the typhoon are a festival of local legendary surfers and a lot of galleries (even about 10 people are a lot in Tanegashima).


Tanegashima Takezaki Point


Tanegashima Takezaki point 2

At the JPSA Tanegashima competition, we were able to see professional surfers practicing at this point with great intensity.

Takezaki (in front of the hotel) Point is so big that the location of the JPSA competition has been changed

The main venue for professional surfing competitions (JPSA Tanegashima) is in front of this hotel, but the waves are so big that it has been turned into another venue (Yoki no Point).

When a typhoon swell picks up, it becomes like a different ocean, but in such a case, it is better to turn around to watch the competition.

The video shows the big wave on the day before the JPSA Tanegashima event, from the manager's installation.

Evening is also a good point to take silhouette photos

Takezaki Surf Point is backlit, but thanks to the latitude of Tanegashima, this is not a problem in summer, but in fall and winter the sun is low, so it is easy to take pictures with the backlight on your side.


Surfer silhouette of Takesaki

When photographed in this direction, the reflections of the figures on the beach are beautiful.


Backlit seaside at Takesaki

Beautiful sunset at Takezaki Point

Takezaki surf point can be backlit against the setting sun.


Sunset at Takezaki Point Children and surfers

Other surf points are close by

The lighthouse point, which is also a preliminary site for the JPSA, is relatively close by. It is also a convenient location because you can check the points without getting in your car.

The Space Science Museum is very close

Takezaki Surf Point is located close enough to the Tanegashima Space Science and Technology Museum, one of Tanegashima's tourist attractions, that you can walk there.

The area in front of the famous rocket is also a great place to take Instagram photos, and there is another location behind the lawn, so be sure to extend your visit to the surrounding area.

On the beach behind the Tanegashima Space Science & Technology Center, kayaking and beginner surfing lessons for local elementary school students are sometimes held.


Diving in Takesaki

Takezaki fishing port is close by

Fishing harbors are not often visited on trips, but the breakwaters of fishing harbors are often frequented by fishermen.

If you explore the end of the fishing port, you will find little Tanegashima photo points, such as rocky areas that are not easily introduced on the Internet.

The famous Takezaki hole (?)

On the beach behind the water fountain of the statue is a mysterious hole that is famous for its unusual photo opportunities.

If you enter this hole carelessly, you will not be able to get out, so you will need a stepladder or something similar.

A walk around the nearby Tanegashima Red Rice Pavilion, Houman Shrine and Houman Pond across the street are also recommended.

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Please do not go into the hole. You will not be able to get out.

Where to eat?

A cafeteria next to the Takesaki Administration Building at the Tanegashima Space Center is available, but its hours of operation are limited.

There are several stores back at the Kemunaga intersection, but the one recommended for surfers in this neighborhood is "Ohisama Coffee".

WAZAI," an original surfboard born in Tanegashima, is also located there, as well as some unique Tanegashima decorations.

Incidentally, I have a large sticker of "WAZAI" on my camera lens, which I treasure because it was given to me as a special gift.

Incidentally, "WAZAI" means "amazing" in the Tanegashima dialect, and the WAZAI factory is open for tours.

Local surfers and visitors to Tanegashima on surf trips visit the store, but I am also a big fan of their coffee and addictive curry, and the atmosphere of the store is great, so I will take the liberty of introducing it to you.


Famous Takezaki surf point on the south coast of Tanegashima (in front of the hotel) Summary

I have tried to explain from a photographer's point of view points that are not often introduced even in tourist guides, but how was it?

Takezaki Surf Point is a beach without a single piece of garbage as far as the eye can see, but this is due to the efforts of the local people.

I would like to post more surfing photos, but my external hard drive is volatile at the moment, so I am trying to call from the memory card card and develop the photos again, but it is a difficult task due to the sheer size of the surfing.

I would also like to thank all the surfers who have appeared on this blog.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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