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Experience Tanegashima's long ride surfing on video!

Experience Tanegashima's long ride surfing on video!
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Surfing on Tanegashima Island has points where you can do long rides longer than 30 seconds. In this article, we would like to introduce videos of long rides in Tanegashima to give you a taste of what it feels like to surf.

We hope you enjoy the over 30 second surfing videos of Tanegashima.

Experience Tanegashima's long ride surfing on video! Mr. Legend of the island

Video with sound of waves from Tanegashima Island, where you can ride for over 30 seconds!

Even if a surfer feels that he or she was able to ride for a long time after taking off from a surfing spot, the video usually shows only about 10 seconds.

However, in Tanegashima Island, there are cases where you can enjoy riding longer than 30 seconds, so we will introduce this long ride in the "video with wave sound.

This video is only available on this site, but we have reduced the quality and size of the video for those who view it with cell phones, so please enjoy it at your leisure.

He is a local legendary surfer, and he even knows the point where the tube comes in the latter half of the day

This point is a major "hangry point" on Tanegashima.

When the waves are good, you can enjoy long ride surfing.

The long ride is kind of a relaxing ride and looks like fun!

Hungry Point is a reef point, so the waves are always about the same.

Many surfers encounter sea turtles when they go offshore.

I will now show you some long ride surfing videos.

Another 30-second-plus ride!

I would worry about the surfer's body getting flattened on the ride.

Riding for 30 seconds requires fine-tuning the focus and maintaining concentration to keep the image in the viewfinder for a long period of time.

In fact, it is very difficult for the photographer as well.

Also, this point is far from the land, so even with a high magnification lens, the image will only be small.

My equipment is set at about 720mm (35mm equivalent) for video, but it is still this size.

Hungry Point offers long rides

It was a very long ride, and the photographers were exhausted.

Also, the video consumed more memory and batteries than the cameras, so we were worried about being able to shoot until the end of the day.

In any case, we had to use all of our strength, energy, photographic skills, camera memory, spare batteries, and everything else we could muster.

Here's another long ride from another person

They take off one after another, and the photographer is frantically chasing after them.

The dilemma of not being able to photograph everyone.

But you can also feel the blue of Tanegashima's ocean. What a beautiful sea.

I wish it would stay like that forever.

There are few points where long riding is possible, so this is a valuable point!

At Hungry Point, even if you think it is a little short, surfers will ride it for more than 20 seconds.

It is rare to find a point where you can ride for such a long time.

It is difficult to make a video if it is too long, but I bow to the efforts of Youtubers.

However, videos are not suitable for blogs, but this site tries its best.

One surfer's riding time is so long that we cannot follow the others as they take off.

As a cameraman, I want to record a lot of video, so I swing to the other surfer in the middle of the ride.

It is a real challenge to keep the surfer in focus manually and follow him for more than 50 seconds.

Experience Tanegashima's long-ride surfing on video! Summary

I have presented a video of a long ride on Tanegashima Island, although unfortunately the size and quality of the video has been greatly reduced for blogging reasons.

Taking a video of surfing is several times harder than taking a photo, but the editing afterwards is also very hard.

I hope this video of winter surfing in Tanegashima will convey the fun of Surf Island Tanegashima.

I would like to thank all the local legendary surfers.

Thank you so much.

Thank you for watching until the end.


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