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A series of four-frame photographs of professional surfers riding

A series of four-frame photographs of professional surfers riding
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Here is a series of four-frame photos of professional surfers riding!

A series of photos by a professional surfer might be helpful.

If you're a photographer, you're looking for the big surfing moves and the best shots here. I am the same way.

A photographer always wants to capture the best moment of the best combination of a cool pro surfer and an awesome ride with superb technique.

But there is something I have noticed in blogging.

The demand for a series of photos of pro surfers is not explosive, but there are a lot of people who are interested in the series of photos.

In my case, I took a huge number of photos of surfers, so I uploaded a few excerpts on social networking sites, but I felt that there might be people who want to see a series of photos.

However, at the time, I was not planning to post a series of photos, so even when I was photographing professional surfers, I was taking photos in little bits and pieces (a bit lazy), which I regretted.

A series of photos of Mr. Pro Surfer, who is watching?

I tried to imagine who in the world would be looking at a series of photos of a professional surfer.

  1. Fans of professional surfers
  2. Those who are studying something, such as surfing techniques
  3. People who want to be good at surfing
  4. Research or reference to shoot surfing

I think it is something like this.

In my managerial opinion, I feel that 'I am trying to improve my surfing by using some professional photos as a reference.

I don't surf, so I don't know much about this area, but I feel that I would like to publish them if they are of any help.

The number of photos in a series increases, and it is quite hard for me to pick up the photos, develop the files, and edit them, but for now I am writing the article from the photos I have on hand.

A dynamic series of photos of top pro surfers

Now, I would like to go bang, but I am in the process of creating images, so I will just introduce a few for now.

For professionals, it may be like a pre-game adjustment, but I think it will be helpful.

During the match, pro surfers took off one after another.

It is impossible to shoot continuously from takeoff to the finish line, both in terms of camera functionality and memory, so we focus on specific points.

In addition, since the competitors in professional competitions take off one after another, it is impossible to follow them all the way to the finish.

I often miss the shutter chance, so I may not be able to take a significant number of consecutive photos.

At professional surfing competitions, you only take the best part of the picture.

The photographer also has to limit the number of shots to a certain extent because the number of shots taken at a surfing competition can be enormous.

I look back at the pictures I took and I always regret that I should have taken more pictures. There are technical aspects, such as I should have started shooting earlier, or I should have taken one more picture, or the spray was not captured properly, etc. At the pro competition, I was able to take pictures like this.

In professional competitions, I often end up shooting only the good parts like this.

A series of four-frame photos of professional surfers riding, summarized

I mentioned at the beginning that there are quite a few pro surfers who are interested in seeing the series of photos, but it takes a little time to search for them from the huge amount of data in the HDD.

I think that video is the best way to see the movement, but there may be some advantages of photos as well. SNS such as Instagram has a limit on the number of photos, so it is necessary to narrow down the number of photos, which means that many photos, such as the frames before and after the photo, will be left dormant.

This article is just a test to see if there is a demand for continuous photos, but I hope it will be of some help to those who are trying to improve their surfing skills.

Thank you for taking a look until the end.

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