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Pro surfer Maiko Miyasaka's too beautiful spray seen at Tanegashima

Pro surfer Maiko Miyasaka's too beautiful spray seen at Tanegashima
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Pro surfer Maiko Miyasaka's too beautiful spray seen in Tanegashima, at Takeyano Point

Professional surfer Maiko Miyasaka, known for her beautiful sprays

Maiko Miyasaka is one of the best surfers in Japan, famous for her beautiful sprays, but she is also a model and a beautiful pro surfer.

As a photographer in Tanegashima, I thought I would never see Maiko Miyasaka except at JPSA events, but I had the good fortune to run into her at Takeyano Surf Point!

Of course, I was surprised and threw all the monster balls I could find.

The weather was extremely hot, dong cloudy & sometimes squally, and the waves were small, but the photographer from Tanegashima was surprised to see Maiko Miyasaka, a pro who flies too beautiful spray as reputedly shown in the photo at the beginning of this article.

This site is characterized by many photos, so we will introduce them right away.

A series of photos of too beautiful surfing sprays.

It was raining and hazy, but we still struggled to take pictures.

Already a beautiful isolated spray around here!

Wow, what a beautiful spray!

Here comes the scene from the beginning of the photo, but I'll cut it out because it's the same photo.

As we were shooting, you were shouting, 'Wow! you exclaimed. I really appreciate it because he did it right in front of the camera.

It is fascinating to see a pro surfer fly such a powerful spray, but this was the first time for me to see such a well-defined spray. It was also the time when I felt glad that Tanegashima Surfing Photographer is taking pictures of surfing.

Maiko Miyasaka's little gestures are also very attractive, which may be the secret of her popularity.


Maiko Miyasaka Professional Shots

Here are a bunch of photos of Maiko Miyasaka taken on Tanegashima!

Of course I have many more on my HDD, but I haven't sorted them out yet, so I will focus on the photos I posted on Instagram.

Unlike during the JPSA Tanegashima competition, they also show some smiling surfing!

Too beautiful spray of pro surfer Maiko Miyasaka seen in Tanegashima, Takeyano Point

About Takeyano Surf Point Location

Takeyano Surf Point is south of Nakayama Surf Point, famous for its Tanegashima animation.

On Google Maps, you can reach it by heading for the Takeyano Beach parking lot.

Takeyano surf point is not crowded.

The road to Takeyano Point is paved and relatively easy to reach by car.

There is a small signboard at the turn of the road, so if you do not miss it, you will not get lost.

After all, this is the home of "Surf Villa Nalai," famous for the presence of the Suda sisters, who are active professional surfers on Tanegashima.

This is the best place to stay for a surf trip, and if your schedule allows, you may be able to take a surfing lesson from an active pro.


Pro Maiko Miyasaka waiting for waves in the vast Takeyano


Gorgeous men at Takeyano = Pro Maiko Miyasaka and Pro Natsuki Suda

On the left is a rocky area where you can fish, but the sea changes dramatically between high and low tide.

The rocky beach is also a good place for fishing. The appearance of the rocky beach changes completely between low and high tides.

On the left side, the sandy beach continues all the way to Nakayama Beach, where good waves come in.

Surf photography is quite difficult because of the scope

Takenoya Point has a long shoreline and can go in both regular and goofy directions, so surfers can enjoy wide, relaxed surfing.

However, it is difficult for photographers. Surfers are scattered here and there, and you have to decide whether to aim for the regular or the goofy direction.

For photographers, it is a very difficult point to take pictures.


Maiko Miyasaka Professional Beach Shots


Maiko Miyasaka Professional Beach Shot 2

(Aside) I was very happy to have a chance to take pictures of Maiko Miyasaka, because she even approached the photographer from Tanegashima who was frantically taking pictures, even though it was extremely hot & raining heavily.

She was friendly and nice.

Photos of chasing professional Maiko Miyasaka at Takeyano Point.

It is a photographer's cry because if the surfer goes in the opposite direction of the target direction, he or she will go farther and farther away.

This is riding in the opposite direction of the photographer.

I desperately chased it with the 1000mm cannon!

I managed to catch it with the 1000mm cannon, but that's all I could do.

Takeyano point is far away, even close to the camera.


Maiko Miyasaka Pro 4-3

JPSA Tanegashima's Maiko Miyasaka Pro's Insta-Photo

The manager, Shige-P, has some photos of Maiko Miyasaka at JPSA Tanegashima on his Insta page.

Too beautiful spray of pro surfer Maiko Miyasaka seen at Tanegashima, summary

I wrote this article about spray as a Tanegashima surfing story, but how was Maiko Miyasaka's spray?

If I have a chance, I would like to photograph it on a sunny day next time.

For those of you who have scrolled down this far, here are two more photos.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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