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Nakatane Town's yoira-iki Festival, a major event on Tanegashima Island

Nakatane Town's yoira-iki Festival, a major event on Tanegashima Island
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About the yora-iki festival in Nakatane Town, a major event on Tanegashima Island

The three major festivals in Tanegashima are the Teppo Festival in Nishinoomote City, the Rocket Festival in Minamitane Town, and the Yoira-iki Festival in Nakatane Town.

Yoira-iki" means "everyone together.

Anyway, let me introduce you to the crazy Yoira-iki Festival.

The Yoira-Iki Festival is a long festival that runs from day to night, with just about everything going on!

During the daytime, a parade is held around the Asahimachi shopping street, and dancing is performed at the Nakatane Town Hall.

At night, dancing and other events are held on the Nakatane-town grounds, but in any case, it is a crazy festival that makes photographers weep.

In the daytime, there will be a test-firing by the Nakatane-tago Firearms Gun Corps, a brass band from Noma Elementary School, Atchame dancing, street live performances, children's and adult portable shrines, Seiton Odori, Michu Odori, Nogan Wadaiko D-STYLE, Yosakoi dancing, Tahitian dancing, a brass band from Nakatane-tago Middle School, youth group mikoshi, middle school students' mikoshi, children's group mikoshi, and more, Fresh Tanegashima people, Tane-chan performance, Japanese drum performance, Haba-butai, Yorai-iki ing, Yosakoi dancing by Shimakoi Minami-Tane, etc. It is a messy festival where anything goes, but it feels like a festival where girls do their best.

The night is the same, but with flashy speakers and fireworks with music and laser beams.

The photos are so mixed up that it's hard to collect them at all, but I'll introduce them as I go along.

Tahitian dance

Please forgive the odd color due to the colored spotlight lighting in the venue.

Tanegashima Dance Club

Hawaiian Hula Dance

Yosakoi Team (Nakatane Town)

This team will be featured in a separate article, so there are fewer photos.

Japanese drum performance

Different districts, but good friends. Nakatane-town and Minamitane-town joint Yosakoi

Idol Employee Tane-chan Appears as Tanegashima Tourism Ambassador

I bought a CD of hers when I asked for permission to photograph her, but I would have never thought that the photos would be used 10 years later.

It is a strange color with spotlights in the color of the venue.

Athletic park at night

Again, lots of pictures, so here are a few.

Summary of Nakatane Town's yoira-iki festival, a major event on Tanegashima Island

This was a rough introduction, but I hope you got the sense that festivals on Tanegashima are already hard work.

There are too many photos to collect, but I will add more when I rewrite later.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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