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Enjoy "Hyotan Odori" on Tanegashima Island

Enjoy "Hyotan Odori" on Tanegashima Island
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About the charm of "Hyotan Odori (gourd dance)" enjoyed on Tanegashima Island

On Tanegashima Island, the dances that have been handed down are different in each district, and dances unique to the district in which you live have been passed down.

I wrote an article about the traditional Hyotan Festival in Minami-Tane Town, which is not held in Corona anymore.

I hope that it will not disappear and will be handed down from generation to generation.

What is the Hyotan Festival?

What is the Hyotan Festival?

The Hyotan Festival is held every year in Minamitane Town as the Hyotan Festival, although this festival is more popular in Okinawa.

The Hyotan Festival aims to celebrate the history and culture of Minamitane Town and to bring the local community together.

Many events are held in conjunction with the Hyotan Festival, and these events include dances and music showcasing the island's traditional culture, delicious local food booths, exhibits, and crafts for sale.

The local community is also invited to participate and learn about history and culture together.

The Hyotan Festival in Minamitane Town is a fun event for local residents and visitors alike, and a place where they can celebrate the history and culture of Nanjo City, and by attending this festival, they can connect with the local community and experience the local culture.

Since this festival is a community-oriented festival, the costumes and dances are quite different in each district. In areas where there are many immigrants, the dances are often simpler in consideration of newcomers to the island.

Specifics of the Hyotan Festival in Minamitane Town

The dance is performed with a hyotan (gourd) hanging from the waist and a hyottoko mask on, but the historical background was not clear even after Googling, but it is still performed anyway.

The dancers train hard at night for two weeks before the festival, but there seems to be no need to worry too much, since the festival is pretty much a goofy one.

Preparation stage of the festival

Prepare for the festival on site as you wish. Costumes and masks are passed down from generation to generation, but cleaning is a must.

Supporters will also come to the festival.

We walk toward the precincts of the shrine. Dedicate the dance to the shrine

A creepy group of people are walking around, but this is once a year and it is a festival, so it is also a sight to see.

Women cheering for the participants, who, by the way, are only men.

The Hyotan Odori (gourd dance) has begun

Our township is somehow outstandingly goofy, but that's okay.

It seems that the masks and other items are attached or not attached depending on the district.

This is the result of the special training. They are looking good.

They are approaching the photographer.

Smiles on the faces of cheering women

Women laughing at the goofiness of their acquaintances. That's what festivals are for.


Hyotan Odori 13 in Minami-Tane Town

The dance is over and we're out of here

We will remove the masks with them on.

They are also frightened during the removal.

Who is it? Is it someone I know?

A relief after the dance dedication

You did a great job! Good job! (It was a fake dance, but it looks like you managed it with the help of your special training.)

He was so moved that he acted in a way that made no sense.

Everyone seemed relieved that it was over safely.

By the way, the other districts had a solid dance. There was a sense of unity, and the age of the dancers was different.

The neighborhood I was in had a lot of people who had just arrived recently, so it was a bit slow and sluggish, but it was an enjoyable festival.

Scenery of the shrine, we were able to dedicate the dance safely

It seems that there is no particular screening process, and that it is meaningful to participate. God must have enjoyed it.

We are now ready to move out after a successful event. Thank you for your hard work.

Summary of the attraction of the "Hyotan Odori" dance to be enjoyed on Tanegashima Island

The Hyotan Dance was a traditional culture of Minami-Tane Town, and I am grateful to those who have seen it so far.

If you move to Tanegashima, I think it would be great fun to learn the local dance and participate in it.

Thank you for watching until the end.

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