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Celebrating the 2023 Tanegashima JPSA, Shino Matsuda, and more photos!

Celebrating the 2023 Tanegashima JPSA, Shino Matsuda, and more photos!
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Celebrating the 2023 Tanegashima JPSA, introducing Matsuda Shino and other pros, opening round at Tanegashima

The official announcement has been made that the opening round of the 2023 JPSA will be the "Sawakami Tanegashima Pro" in Tanegashima.

It will be held from 4/10 to 4/13 (preliminary day 4/14), and there will be a longboard competition in addition to the shortboard competition, which is quite intense, and I am worried about the schedule.

There are also senior and pro trials, so I want to go! But I have to work...

Tanegashima Island is in the midst of a special demand for Magejima, and I hear it's hard to get a place to stay, so I'm carefully considering whether or not I want to go. But I want to go.

Celebrating the 2023 Sawakami Tanegashima Pro, a look back at photos from the former JPSA Tanegashima event

Since the JPSA will be held in 2023, here are some photos from the 2018 JPSA Tanegashima event.

Since 2018 was the second time Tanegashima hosted a professional surfing competition, the pro surfers who competed in the event feel quite young when looking at the images now.

Results of the Trial, the gateway to becoming a professional surfer

As a result of the completion of the Tanegashima Trials, 10 men have received official professional certification.

This is an unprecedentedly large number, and the young power seems to be growing.

JPSA Tanegashima Results Summary

Nishi Keishiro and Nonaka Minami won the men's and women's events, respectively.

Local pro Takashiro Suda also finished in 3rd place, a good result that must have excited the people of Tanegashima.

Local pro Kyoshiro Suda was very successful

Local pro Kyoshiro Suda was also in 3rd place, but I would like to talk about the battle between Keishiro Nishi and Takashiro Suda in the semi-final H-2, which he lost.

In this heat, Nishi was consistently scoring points in the first half of the heat, scoring finely in the second half.

In contrast, Suda, a local pro who has the ability to pull off big tricks, was unable to pull off any big tricks due to the wave conditions on the day of the event.

Unfortunately, he was eliminated in the semi-finals and placed 3rd. If it had been a big wave, he might have won.

But we have high expectations for young Suda from Tanegashima.

I would like to see him in the ocean after a long time. I wonder how much he has grown.

Matsuda Shino Professional

Five years ago, Shino Matsuda was a world-class pro surfer, but even back then he showed glimpses of his talent by scoring the highest points in the competition.

As a photographer, I would have marked him thoroughly now, but looking back on those days, I realize that I should have taken more pictures of him.

Due to the equipment available at the time, the images are in black and white.

In this way, they are young.


Matsuda Shino Pro 4

Emily Nishimoto Professional

She is the older sister of the Nishimoto sisters, who call Hawaii home. I didn't have many photos, but here they are.

Julie Nishimoto Professional

She is the younger sister of pro Emily Nishimoto, and she won the competition with an astonishing ride.

Julie Nishimoto Professional (Part 1)

Julie Nishimoto Professional (Part 2)

西元ジュリ/Nishimoto Julieプロ-カラー版

Julie Nishimoto / Nishimoto Julie Professional - Color Edition

Himena Suzuki Professional

This is Himena Suzuki, a very popular pro on our site's administrator's Instagram.

To commemorate the 2023 event, the gallery will be posted here as well.

Himena Suzuki Professional #1

Himena Suzuki Professional #2

Mana Watanabe, Pro.

Rena Kitazawa Professional (now married to Rena Sato Professional)

At that time, it was still Princess Suwa's board. She is famous as a professional surfer from Nagano, a prefecture without a sea, and is now a mom, but at that time she was also a model.

Sara Wakita Pro

Pro Wakita had a strong Tanegashima tournament at that time and is the winner of the women's division of the 2018 JPSA Tanegashima.

The camera also caught the moment he grabbed his surfboard.


Grab + Aerial by professional artist Sara Wakita

Hinako Kurokawa Pro

Kurokawa used to live on Tanegashima Island, and a local person asked him to take a picture for them. He was asked by a local resident to take a picture of the island.

Maiko Miyasaka Professional

This is Maiko, the youngest of the three Miyasaka sisters. She is also introduced elsewhere.

Maiko Miyasaka Professional (Part 1)

Maiko Miyasaka Professional (Part 2)

Tsuzuki Nijiho Pro

This is a photo from his rookie year, and he was just so energetic and awesome, Nijiho Tsuzuki, the pro!

Other JPSA Tanegashima women's athletes' photos at a glance.

JPSA Women's Pro Surfer who can't be put on Instagram (Part 1)

JPSA Women's Pro Surfer who can't be put on Instagram (Part 2)

JPSA Women's Pro Surfer who can't be put on Instagram (Part 3)

JPSA Women's Pro Surfer who can't be put on Instagram (Part 4)

JPSA Women's Pro Surfer who can't be put on Instagram (Part 5)

Local Audience

There were many spectators, but the photographer was too busy shooting the competition to take many pictures.


JPSA Spectator 1


JPSA Spectator 2

JPSA players relaxing after the match

Pro Kurokawa lying down and concentrating before a match; walking is Pro Reika Noro.

Celebrating the 2023 Tanegashima JPSA, introducing and summarizing Matsuda Shino and other pros

These photos were taken at that time, but I had no idea what to do with surfing photography, so many of them are immature, but I am happy if they convey the atmosphere of the Tanegashima Pro Surfing Competition in their own way.

The pro surfers are quite young now, but I believe that their surfing skills have improved greatly, and I look forward to seeing the rise of young new pro surfers in 2023.

Thank you for watching until the end.

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