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I wish pro surfers to win more money for surfing competitions!

I wish pro surfers to win more money for surfing competitions!
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Wish pro surfers to win more money for surfing competitions! The Rationale

We will introduce some of the brilliant and wonderful rides of the women pro surfers at JPSA Tanegashima, including the photos that we couldn't introduce on our webmaster's Instagram.

We will introduce photos of pro women surfers during the competition with gusto, because some people say, "I don't need text"!

Prize Money for JPSA Pro Surfers

JPSA Pro Surfing is the future of surfing in Japan, including the Olympics, but do you know how much the prize money is?

Latest prize money for male professional surfers

Let's take a look at the prize money for pro surfers from the JPSA Tanegashima Pro heat table for 2023.

Winner: 740,000 yen

What? No way! Even the prize money for winning is this low. It's so low that it's doubtful if it even covers the cost of the trip to the event.

Let's take a look at the second and lower prizes, too.

  • Second place: 360,000 yen
  • 3rd place: 210,000 yen (2 people, since there are 3rd and 4th place)
  • Fifth place: 10,5000 yen (4 people in 5th-8th place)
  • Ninth place: 70,000 yen
  • 13th place: 50,000 yen
  • 19th place: 30,000 yen
  • 25th place and below: 0 yen (only points will be added)

Isn't that an amazing amount of money? What is this?

By the way, the extra prize is Anno sweet potato or shochu. I can't take it home with me.

Latest prize money in the women's division

I already have a bad feeling about this, so I checked the prize money listed in the heat table for the 2023 JPSA Tanegashima.

Winner: 320,000 yen

This is completely wrong. This is not even enough to cover the travel expenses. I have only a bad feeling about this.

  • 2nd place::150,000 yen
  • 3rd place:: 85,000 yen (for the 3rd and 4th place winners)
  • Fifth place: 50,000 yen (for two winners in 5th and 6th places)
  • Seventh place: 30,000 yen (two winners from 7-8th place)
  • 9th and below: 0 yen (only points will be added)

What is this prize money? Am I the only one who thought it was strange?

It is so different from overseas surfing competitions. This is not a reward for professional surfers who devote themselves to surfing.

I wish they would do something about it, even if it is not on par with golf, tennis, basketball, baseball, etc., where the prize money for professionals is huge.

At the very least, I would like to see prize money at least 10 times what it is now.

I think that pro surfers know very well that they need other jobs and sponsors.

This is one of the reasons why I support pro surfers.

This site is characterized by the use of many photographs.

Reika Noro Pro

Julie Nishimoto Professional

We hope that pro surfers will be able to win more money for their surfing competitions!

The prize money for professional surfing competitions in Japan is very small, and in most cases, it seems that the expenses for the expedition make a loss.

I hope that the prize money for pro surfing competitions in Japan will increase.

There is something about pictures of surfers riding that attracts me

Aren't the photos of female professional surfers who perform dynamic skills against nature very attractive and wonderful?

The appeal of surfing can be enjoyed not only by actually surfing, but also by watching photos and videos of dynamic riding, which may soothe your mind.

Compared to golf or tennis, surfing may still be less recognized, but surfing photographers would like to convey the appeal of surfing.

Surfing has been adopted as an Olympic event

As you know, surfing was recently adopted as an official event of the Tokyo Olympics, and I hope that surfing will continue to develop in the future.

I hope that the prize money for domestic surfing competitions will increase, especially for female professional surfers.

If we can get more sponsors for surfing, the prize money will gradually increase, and I, as a photographer, will support the introduction of surfing.

I wish pro surfers to win more money for surfing competitions! Summary

Prize money for professional surfing competitions in Japan is too low. We strongly desire a significant increase in prize money!

As a side note, as an individual sponsor, you can participate in JPSA events as a sponsor for a small fee. Please support our pro surfers.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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