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Photographers were frantic as the JPSA Tanegashima men's pros fought hotly!

Photographers were frantic as the JPSA Tanegashima men's pros fought hotly!
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JPSA Tanegashima men's pros are in hot competition, and the photographers are frantic! Failure photos are also shown!

Have you ever seen the JPSA Pro Surfing Competition in Tanegashima? If you like surfing, you've probably seen it before, but it's a sight to behold as the pros gather at one venue to fight with all their might. Photographers are also very busy, but it's a happy busyness.

I also sincerely hope that the prize money of the JPSA Pro Surfing Tournament will increase, so I am introducing photos on my blog.

Please understand that some of the photos in some articles may be the same as the ones in other articles, but I am trying to make up for the ones I didn't post in the series of photos.

Photographer in a hurry to shoot JPSA

It is a hot competition of professional surfing competitions, but we will release the images in HDD sequentially, so we do not know how many pages it will be.

This time, there is a photo that the photographer made a big mistake in taking a picture and it is not open to the public, but we will release this mistake photo too.

Please check out the hot competition among the male professional surfers!

We will post more and more pictures!

Photographer complete failure photos will also be shown

Photographer completely botched the photo, I feel so bad for the professional

My telephoto lens is 1000mm, so it is very difficult to follow the surfers through the viewfinder and it is easy to lose them. If the surfer flies higher than expected, he or she may be cut off from the image.

When I get home and look at the photo, I am very disappointed. If the surfer is cut off, the photo is completely unusable. When I first started photography, there were times when my sights were off and I would lose the entire day's shooting.

This time, I'm going to show you some photos of photographer's mistakes that I usually never show you.

Some of the photos are completely useless, and some of the body parts are cut off.

I really feel sorry for the surfers.

In many cases, the hand raised above the camera does not fit in the angle of view, but it is a wonder that this happens only in good scenes.

It finally came into the viewfinder in the middle of the scene, but it was already too late. It is a very bad situation.

Includes photos that will forever be lost to the world due to out-of-focus photography, a photographer's natural enemy

Out of focus" is a photographer's worst enemy. It is a photo that loses focus during a series of photos, and photographers usually discard it in such cases. In this article, we will also introduce some out-of-focus failure photos of such photographers.

The first picture in the image gallery is an example of a completely out-of-focus failure. It does not mean that the photographer's eyesight has deteriorated.

This is out-of-focus, and the AF is trying desperately to focus on the subject. Oh, what a waste.

The AF finally started to focus, but it missed the best part of the image.

When pictures fail

A surprisingly common cause of out-of-focus is almost always when someone crosses in front of the camera. I wait for the person to pass by and start shooting continuously, but the first few shots are usually out of focus, and I think this can't be helped. I think this is just a matter of course, because you are free to walk wherever you want in the ocean.

There are many people who look into the telephoto lens or stand silently behind me. I am surprised.

JPSA Tanegashima Men's Pros in hot competition, and the cameraman is desperate to get in on the action! Summary

Photographers never show their own failed photos, but this time, we have made a few of them public.

Photographers are desperate to take pictures, but the scariest thing of all is the "failed picture.

Please forgive the photographer if he or she fails to take a picture.

Thank you very much for reading to the end.

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