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Professional surfer Himena Suzuki, a popular pro surfer on Instagram

Professional surfer Himena Suzuki, a popular pro surfer on Instagram
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Professional surfer Himena Suzuki, a popular pro surfer on Instagram (Part 2)

We have additional photos of Himena Suzuki, a female professional surfer whom we introduced in another article.

We have a large number of photos of other athletes and would like to post them in order, but we are running the site in between our day jobs, so we apologize for the overwhelming lack of time.

We will rewrite the articles later, but first, we hope you enjoy the photos of the cool surfers.

Pro Himena Suzuki in action at Tanegashima

The article on Himena Pro's photos is by far the most accessed on this site, so I will be the first to add the photos and introduce them.

During the time of this match, the waves were relatively small.

Preparation exercise before the game, you can feel the tension.



Just before the match, the professional surfers start to prepare with their own routines.

Some lie down on the beach to concentrate mentally, others greet their opponents, and still others set up a few boards on the beach, but it is also a tense time for the photographer.

When photographing professional surfers, the following are some of the differences between photographing amateurs and photographing professional surfers.

  • Check remaining memory (is there enough capacity and is the second SD free of read errors?)
  • Check remaining battery time and prepare spare batteries
  • Check for sighting device misalignment (actually take several test shots)
  • Check gimbal for smooth operation (check for sand bites on moving parts)
  • Include a black and white photo to separate each match so that the pro's name can be identified on the heat chart

The match was held at a time when there were not many waves!

Professional surfers often compete at times when there are no waves coming in.

It is a thrilling scene to see how they score points in the few chances they have when there are not many waves coming in.

Some of the photos are similar, but please enjoy the subtle differences.

Surfing photos seem to be the most accessed standard for scenes like this



Surf blogging is a matter of photo preparation.

Many of you may be posting photos on free blogs or social networking sites, but posting photos on blogs requires a lot of time and effort.

It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare surfing-related photos, but here is a quick introduction of how we post photos on our site.

  1. Select photos to be published from large Raw images (file size is huge and there are too many to choose from)
  2. Transfer the selected raw images to the iPad, edit the images (develop, fix, crop, etc.), and compress them to 2000 pix.
  3. Transfer images from iPad to PC
  4. Alt description (manual), compress images to 1280 pix for blog (semi-automatic), create thumbnails (automatic), create WebP images (automatic)
  5. Place photos on blog, add alternate text and captions manually for each photo
  6. Create an additional English page, and write all the work from No.4 onwards in English
  7. Add Indonesian page, this time in Indonesian
  8. Overall confirmation

*I do photo editing on my iPad because Apple's processing speed is faster than that of a Windows PC when processing a large number of 30MB photos per photo, and the device does not freeze up.

Image processing like this is very time-consuming. The most time-consuming part is "image editing.

It takes a lot of effort to take the original photo, but it also takes a lot of effort to put that photo on the blog (correctly from an SEO standpoint).

Why our photos are bigger than others

The photos on this site are larger than those on other sites.

The size of large photos is the recommended size by Google, and this site has made efforts when designing the site to ensure that photos of this size can be displayed at high speed when viewed on mobile devices.

Himena Suzuki, professional surfer and popular pro on Instagram, summary

We can clearly see the number of PVs per page on our blog, so we hope you agree that Himena Suzuki's photos are by far the most popular on our site.

When we introduced her photos on Instagram, many people wanted to see more of them, so we sometimes upload photos on our blog that we can't show on Instagram, so we hope you will take a look at our other articles.

We also upload photos that are somewhat larger than those on our blog to Pinterest.

We are also working hard on Pinterest in our spare time.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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