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Father and daughter surfing in calm water is inspiring, summary

Ayah dan anak berselancar saat ombak sedang tenang sungguh menginspirasi!
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The father and daughter surfing in the calm was so moving that I couldn't stop crying!

Tanegashima Island is a mecca for surfing, but do you know the moving drama shown by local father and son surfers in the ocean where there are no waves?

Even on Tanegashima Island, there are days when there are no waves.

Surf photographers look forward to a good ride, so when the ocean was calm on my day off from work, I was depressed.

But as I continue to shoot, I often find that unexpected things happen on days when there are no waves, and I am moved to tears and loose my tear glands.

Local surfing legends, who usually show us such dynamic surfing, are in the ocean with huge boards and sponge boards that we have never seen before.

We were impatient to see the surfboards that we had never seen before, but we had to watch what was going on.

Father and daughter surfing in calm water is inspiring, surfing with children

Not all kids on Tanegashima surf.

Many children surf on the island, but not all.

Especially if their parents do not surf, it may be difficult for them to find an opportunity to start surfing.

For such children, surfing lessons are offered.

Legendary surfers are teaching with great safety in mind.

The first picture shows a kayaking and diving experience mainly for tourists, and the second shows a surfing lesson (experience) for the island's children.

Surfing lessons for children in Tanegashima.

Adults are always nearby to watch over the children. It is evident that the safety of the children is taken into consideration.

Adults are also waiting offshore to watch over the children's safety.

Children learn how to take off properly with careful instruction on surfing.

After an hour or so, the children are ready to get on their boards. Even though the water is shallow, instructors watch over them offshore.

The children make rapid progress, and the adults keep them safe from offshore and onshore.

The children progress quickly because they are under the guidance of advanced surfers.

Mother and daughter surfers

The daughter is probably still in the beginner class, but can be seen enjoying surfing with her mother. The mother also seems to have brought a different, larger board with her, instead of her usual short board, to match her daughter's.

Girls in junior high school are at the age when they dislike their fathers a lot, so this may be the time when fathers are the loneliest.

Local youngsters handing over waves to trip beginners.

From the whiteness of her color and her movements, it was easy to tell that she was a beginner bodyboarder who had come to Tanegashima from the mainland Japan on a trip.

(Explanation of the photo)

1. A woman with a body board is staring at the point where other surfers are riding.

2. Long before the point, she turns around and faces us.

I am an amateur surfer, so I can't say anything about it, but I do wonder, "Shouldn't she be a little further offshore? I think it might be a little further offshore.

3. He is just flapping his hands in the shallow water with white waves. 4.

4. And then, "Oh, you're going up already?

It seems that surfing beginners and BBs are sometimes scolded by expert surfers at surfing spots in Japan, and even at Tanegashima Island, they seem to be reserved.

A local young man who was watching nearby said, "In Tanegashima, please surf without hesitation! He said, "Please don't hesitate to surf in Tanegashima! His action was admirable.

On the other hand, if there is a beginner, they may give up a good wave and call out to him or her. (They may think this is normal.) 5.

5. She, a beginner BB, was a little happy to head out to the ocean again, encouraged by the local youth and the photographer.

Tanegashima is said to be a sacred place for surfing, but I felt that not only advanced surfers but also beginners should come to Tanegashima.

A father is impressed by the way he teaches his daughter how to surf!

It's a moving sight to see a normally stern father teaching his young daughter how to surf.

I am a photographer who usually only takes super shots, but the sight of this amazing scene makes my viewfinder blur. I have a daughter myself, so I remember the feeling that only a father can understand.

Although they are not surfers yet, but floaters, the children of Tanegashima are familiar with the sea from such a young age. Of course, their fathers are nearby, watching over them.

(Photo Description)

1. In case the child is about to drown, the father nearby will probably come flying in a second.

2. Even if the child can ride the boat to a certain degree, the father will not let go of his eye.

3. Children enjoying the ocean under the watchful eyes of their fathers.

4. Even such a small child must have fun surfing with his father.

5. Even on a big swell, the father will be able to navigate the waves so that the children can enjoy surfing to their heart's content.

6. A standing competition with your mother in the ocean.

1. The girl surfing happily, with the island legend watching closely behind her.

2. a girl surfing on her father's back. This must be very fun for her.

3. The father is always watching over her from offshore, even though she takes out many times.

4. The girl is improving so quickly that her father looks a little sad.

5. The kids are improving so quickly that they can afford to be a little more relaxed, and the father really wants them to put in a little more time and effort.

Father and daughter surfing in calm water is inspiring, summary

Tanegashima Island is famous for its good waves, but when the sea is calm, there are "moving local scenes" that can only be experienced by local people.

You may not notice it unless you observe the ocean with a telephoto lens, but I hope you will understand that there is a little drama even on calm days.

As a surf photographer, I don't often shoot on calm days, but I am impressed by the heartwarming scenes.

Even on calm days, there are still moving surfing scenes.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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