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Introducing the cute surfing girls of Tanegashima

Introducing the cute surfing girls of Tanegashima
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Introducing the cute surfing girls of Tanegashima, full of great surfers!

When you are taking pictures of surfers, there are some surfing girls who stand out from the crowd.

Let us introduce you to some of the great surfers that we couldn't resist taking pictures of.

Some of the photos are from airline company tourist brochures and signboards at the port of Tanegashima.

Beautiful female surfer employed as a signboard at the high-speed boat terminal on Tanegashima Island.

Female athletes adjusting before competing in the JPSA Pro Surfing Competition

The photographer saw him surfing and completely mistook him for a pro.

When we came out of the water and approached him, he told us that he was going to compete in the JPSA Tanegashima Pro Trials.

She's a woman who meets at various points around the local area.

She was a woman I met at the time throughout Tanegashima, and she was kind to photographers shooting under the hot sun.

Tanegashima Island is surprisingly a BB (bodyboarding) paradise

Surprisingly, there are many BB surfers in Tanegashima, and BB boards are recommended as it is easy to bring your own board on a trip.

Please be assured that BBs are not banned in Tanegashima, as is the case in other surfing spots in Japan.

Also entered from Minami-Tane Town, if the waves are good at points in the north of the island.

Surfers with cute sunscreen.

When I first started shooting surf, I wondered why women wore white on their faces, but it was simple.

Women are concerned about sunburn, so it was a sunscreen measure.

The sunburn was serious for the photographer too. The river on their faces would turn and they would look terrible.

Sunscreen is very important.

Surfer walking with his surfboard is picturesque.

Surfers with surfboards are so picturesque that I will feature them another time.

My telephoto lens is too long at 1000mm, so it is difficult to photograph surfers walking on the beach.


Surfer, the picture perfect surfer.

Introducing and summarizing the cute surfing girls of Tanegashima

This time I introduced only some of the surfing girls I saw in Tanegashima.

I would like to introduce them again, but unfortunately I don't have too much time, but I hope you will take a long look at them.

Thank you very much for watching until the end.

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