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Professional female surfers who can charm even in small waves

Professional female surfers who can charm even in small waves
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Even in small waves, professional female surfers are able to attract the crowds, and competitions are a natural opponent

The biggest concern for JPSA pro surfing competitions and those involved in surfing competitions in Japan is that there will be no waves on the day of the competitions.

There is nothing more dreadful than a dead calm.

Before the Olympics were held in Shidashita, I also hoped that the waves would come to one of the best surfing spots in Japan for the Tokyo Olympics, which would be broadcasted to the world. I wished for the best waves at one of the best surfing spots in Japan.

The Tanegashima event was also held at the same time, although there were times when the waves were too big and the location had to be changed, and there were also times when the surf was too small and the competitors had a hard time,

But still, the professional skills of the pros were otherworldly, and they were able to show us what they could do.

Professional female surfers who can attract even in small waves, and outstanding professional skills

Even in smaller waves, the top pro surfers are amazing. Here are some of their beautiful rides.

Miyasaka Rioko Professional

This is Rioko Miyasaka, the middle of the three Miyasaka sisters.

I have yet to meet the oldest sister (Momoko Miyasaka) in the ocean, but since she and Maiko are sisters, I wonder if it is just the photographer who feels that the way they spray is a bit similar.

If I stayed in Japan, I would have a chance to meet many pro surfers, but since Tanegashima is a remote island, I am happy to meet people I rarely see.

However, my equipment is quite long (approx. 1020mm on a 35mm camera), so unlike photographers with 400mm or zoom lenses, I am shooting at a considerable distance from the ocean, so my biggest weakness is that it is difficult to talk to people I would like to meet.

Maiko Miyasaka Professional

This is Maiko Miyasaka, a pro who has been helping us on this site. This time, she is riding on not so big waves.

For JPSA Tanegashima, the main venue is Takezaki Point (in front of the hotel), but there are three backup venues: Lighthouse Point and Yokino (Kumano Beach).

  • In front of the hotel: facing south, with toilets
  • Under the lighthouse: Facing east, no toilet (may not be used unless it is used very often)
  • Yonokino: Facing west, with restrooms

The second and third professional surfing competitions were held on Tanegashima, and the photographers were very upset when the waves in front of the hotel were too big and had to be changed to better waves during the competitions.

The original image is more than 5000px and can be cropped enough, so I cropped it a little vertically.

I compress blog photos down to about 100KB so that even if the original is 30MB, it can be viewed quickly on Keita's phone, so I personally regret that the image quality is not as good as I would like.


Maiko Miyasaka Pro7

Himena Suzuki Professional

She has been featured in other articles on this site, but here is another cut.


Himena Suzuki Professional 1

Mana Watanabe Professional

A summary of professional female surfers who are able to attract even in small waves

The best part of being a pro surfer may be the big waves, but even in normal waves, they can show us amazing performances.

I would also like to write about pro surfers' small wave rudder techniques in a later article, as it may be helpful for surfers.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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