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Bodyboarding (surfing) is great for kids, beginners, and 50s

Bodyboarding is great for kids, beginners, and 50s!
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If you are looking for a quick way to enjoy surfing, the BB is recommended.

It is very similar to a beach boat used at a swimming pool, but this is because even beginners can enjoy the real thrill of surfing.

As a photographer, I was once given a BB to use, and it was an unforgettable experience that I will never forget.In this article, I will introduce this bodyboard (BB) with three videos and other photos.

Please take your time to watch them.

Bodyboarding is great for kids, beginners, and people in their 50s!

The female bodyboarder (BB) in the video is a super expert, so beginners need not worry about it, but I am introducing a video I actually shot on Tanegashima Island to show how much fun it can be if you improve in the future.

Surfing types include longboards, shortboards, BBs (bodyboards), etc. The following is a brief overview of BBs

Bodyboarding was invented in Kailua, Hawaii in the late 1960s.

Initially called "pu-nu," they were made of wooden boards. Later, plastic materials were developed, and by the 1970s, bodyboards began to become a common surfing item.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, bodyboarding became popular among professional and amateur surfers, and new techniques and tricks began to be developed.

By the late 1980s, bodyboarding had become a mainstream surfing activity and was sold in many stores.

Bodyboards were long seen as an adjunct to surfing, but today they are recognized as a form of surfing, as are longboards and shortboards, and there are even professionals.

Bodyboards are also available with specialized accessories such as fins and leashes. Bodyboards are still popular today because they are smaller and lighter than shortboards, making them easier to ride waves and easier for beginners to handle.

These bodyboards are designed based on aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, allowing surfers to ride waves at high speeds and even perform daring tricks.

Bodyboards are known as one of the most action-packed forms of surfing and are especially popular among young and active surfers.

Types of bodyboard shapes and features

There are many different shapes of bodyboards (BBs), each with different features and riding comfort.

The following is a list of typical shapes and their features.

The most common shape, featuring a rounded nose and tail and a flat bottom shape in the center. Suitable for a wide range of riders from beginners to experts.

A bodyboard with an emphasis on ease of sliding, this shape has a very smooth gliding surface. The rails (sides of the board) are sharp and suitable for high-speed turns and edging (leaning the board).

Narrow nose and tapered tail, for easy turning and edging in waves, with a strong grip. It is designed to handle big waves.

The nose and tail are sharply pointed, designed for high speeds and easy turns. The rails are sharp and the grip is strong, so it can handle slippery waves and big waves.

With a square nose and tail, the board is wide and stable. It is often used in boards for beginners. It is also a little slower and less suitable for edging than the classic shape, so it is not suitable for advanced riders.

The rails are angular and suitable for slippery or big waves. The wide front edge design allows the nose to be held firmly, making it suitable for aerials.

Wide Body
Wide-bodied boards are suitable for big and slippery waves. They are also used as boards for beginners.

As described above, each bodyboard shape has different characteristics.

It is important to select a shape that is suitable for the type of waves being ridden and the style and preferences of the rider.

It is also important to choose a bodyboard size that is appropriate for your height, weight, and skill level. A board that is too small will lack buoyancy, while a board that is too large will be less maneuverable, so it is important to select the appropriate size, but first-time riders should consult with their surf store or BB supplier.

In addition, high-performance bodyboards made of lightweight and strong materials such as carbon fiber and fiberglass have recently become available. These boards offer superior speed and maneuverability, and are often designed for advanced surfers.

Bodyboards are a favorite among surfers because they are easy to handle and inexpensive, especially for beginners.

However, it is also one of the best sports for a wide range of people, as even advanced surfers can enjoy the depth of wave riding!

About the fins that body boarders wear on their feet

Bodyboard fins are generally equipped with ankle straps that attach to the ankles.

This makes it difficult for the fins to come off and prevents them from coming off while riding the waves.

Fins are often made of rubber or silicone, which is a soft material.

In addition, fins come in different shapes and sizes, each with its own characteristics. The shape of the fin changes the responsiveness and maneuverability to the waves.

For example, wider fins are more stable and allow for faster speed on takeoff. On the other hand, narrower fins are more maneuverable and allow for tighter carving.

Fin size depends on foot size and personal preference, but in general, fin size should be selected in relation to foot size.

It is important to select appropriately sized fins, as too large fins reduce maneuverability and too small fins lack buoyancy.

Recently, fins that do not have straps attached to them, called foot pockets, which are shaped like shoes, have been introduced.

This allows for more freedom in surfing the waves without fear of the fins coming off.

Why I recommend BB for inexperienced surfers

For those who want to start surfing but think it might be a bit intimidating, we recommend bodyboarding.

After all, "you don't have to stand on the board," so you can start playing right from the beginning.

There are other reasons why we recommend bodyboarding.

Bodyboarding is easy to start: Compared to other surfing activities, bodyboarding is easier to ride waves and can be enjoyed in a short time, even by beginners. It is also relatively easy to maintain your posture in the water, and can be enjoyed regardless of your physical strength or skill level.

Bodyboards are also relatively inexpensive compared to other surfboards. They are especially recommended for beginners because they are easy to buy and easy to get started with for the first time.

・Low arm and shoulder strain: Bodyboards are relatively easy on the arms and shoulders because they use the legs to ride the waves. This allows both beginners and advanced surfers to enjoy surfing for extended periods of time.

Flexible Wave Riding Style: Bodyboards offer a high degree of freedom in the water, allowing for a variety of wave riding styles. For example, there are a variety of techniques such as turns and aerials. Another appeal of bodyboarding is that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and genders as long as there are waves.

Bodyboarding, like surfing, is a sport that is closely connected to nature. While touching the ocean and waves, you can experience coexistence with nature. This makes it a great way to relieve stress and refresh yourself.

These reasons may explain why many people choose bodyboarding as the sport they recommend for their first surfing experience.

Tendency for more women to bodyboard

There is a trend for more women to participate in bodyboarding.

The main reasons are as follows

Compact size compared to shortboards: Bodyboards are more compact and easier to carry than other surfboards, making them easier for women to handle and move around freely.

Freedom of surfing style: Bodyboards offer a high degree of freedom in the water, allowing for a wide variety of surfing styles. For women, the ability to enjoy wave riding styles that take advantage of their flexible bodies is considered attractive.

Many competitions are geared toward women: Recently, bodyboarding competitions for women have been increasing, making it easier for women to participate in bodyboarding. This is thought to be the reason why women are becoming more interested in bodyboarding.

For these reasons, women tend to participate more in bodyboarding.


BB has many women

Are men embarrassed to bodyboard?

That's not true.

Even well-known celebrity male musicians enjoy bodyboarding.

It is also highly recommended for older men.

About BB-specific tricks and techniques

Bodyboarding has different tricks and techniques than other surfing. Below are some of the BB-specific tricks and techniques.

Pull-in: This is the act of entering a wave with a bodyboard and moving forward into it. Pull-ins are often used when riding big waves.

Barrel Roll: A bodyboard roll into a wave and spinning forward into the wave. This technique is especially effective when the wave is tubular.

Air: A trick performed by jumping in the air on a bodyboard. Air is a technique that takes advantage of the lightness of the bodyboard and requires a high level of skill.

Spin: A bodyboarder enters a wave and spins around while going through it. Spin is effective even when the waves are smaller.

Duck Dive: The technique of diving with a bodyboard through a wave by facing the wave and submerging the board underwater. Depending on the strength of the wave, the Duck Dive can be used to get through a wave without losing the board.

These tricks and techniques make bodyboarding more fun and exciting, and are constantly being developed and evolved by bodyboarders.

About BB's advanced techniques, El Loro

The bodyboarders of Tanegashima are the ones who decide on this erlot even in big waves, and they are the professionals and instructors who are experts in BB.

In Tanegashima, junior high and high school girls who receive proper instruction also decide to do this erlolo, but the level of local BBs in Tanegashima is unusually high.

Be careful when beginners imitate this erlolo.

Errollo" is a bodyboarding technique in which a bodyboarder drops upside down from the top of a wave, flips over, and rides the wave again.

(It is considered extremely difficult and can only be performed by top-level bodyboarders. (It is surprising that it is so common on Tanegashima.)

El Loro is written in Spanish as "El Loro" and its meaning is "acrobatics" or "eccentricity. This technique originated in Hawaii, where bodyboarding originated, and is now known as an advanced technique that bodyboarders around the world try.

In order to successfully perform the el rolo, the rider must generate enough speed to invert his body as he falls upside down from the top of the wave. It also requires a very high level of physical ability and balance when flipping the body. If successful, it can be an amazing acrobatic move that will captivate the audience.

However, el rolo is also a very dangerous technique.

A blow to the head or back during a fall can result in serious injury. Therefore, even expert-level bodyboarders need to take adequate safety precautions before attempting it.

It is dangerous for a beginner to suddenly imitate an expert, so be very careful. It is important to receive proper instruction.

Unlike other surfboards, BB has a special feeling that you are close to the surface of the ocean

Bodyboards have a very special feel because of their proximity to the ocean surface compared to other surfboards.

Therefore, one of the reasons bodyboarders love bodyboards is because of their unique appeal.

Below are some of the unique attractions of BBs.

Maneuverability: Bodyboards are smaller and lighter than other surfboards. This makes them more maneuverable and quicker to move. This allows you to feel great excitement even in small waves.

Closer to the surface, so you can feel the force of the wave directly: Bodyboards place your body directly on the surface of the water when riding a wave, so you feel the force of the wave more directly. This allows you to feel the movement of the wave and improve your sensation of the wave.

Bodyboards are easier to handle than other surfboards, even for beginners. Bodyboards themselves are also relatively inexpensive and readily available. This makes it easy for anyone to enjoy bodyboarding.

Bodyboarding offers a wide variety of skills and techniques that can be used in a wide range of waves and conditions. By learning these techniques, you can enjoy more advanced wave riding.

As described above, one of the appeals of bodyboarding is its unique maneuverability, the feeling of being close to the surface of the water, and the fact that it is easy to enjoy.

Interesting episodes about BB

Here are some of the interesting episodes I have researched regarding BB.

"Bodyboard Man"

The character "Bodyboard Man," who appeared in the American TV drama "Baywatch" broadcast in the 1990s, was obsessed with bodyboarding and always carried a bodyboard. It is said that the popularity of bodyboarding rose dramatically with the appearance of this character.

Augustine's Wave"

There is a legendary story of a bodyboarder named Augustine Mantalonga who, in the early 1980s, took on a huge 50-foot wave on Hawaii's North Shore and rode it out with flying colors. This episode was a catalyst for the world to see the potential of bodyboarding.


There is an episode about a famous bodyboarder, Mike Stewart, who wore a wristwatch when he rode the waves, which led to the popularization of wearing a wristwatch on a bodyboard.

Japanese professional bodyboarder"

There are many professional bodyboarders in Japan. Among them, Masayoshi Kikuchi, a pro from Izu Oshima, is known as the first Japanese pro bodyboarder who won the world bodyboarding competition held in the United States in 2000.

Pro bodyboarder Yuko Nomura has also been to Tanegashima, and I have some of her BB photos, which I may introduce on my blog someday.

The Green Room

Bodyboarding is a sport that is all about riding the waves, and therefore has the appeal of providing a sense of accomplishment in the waves. What can be done in the waves is a very valuable experience for surfers and bodyboarders. This experience in the waves is sometimes referred to as the "green room". Bodyboarders can pursue the green room and enjoy the feeling of speed and flow in the waves.

One more video by BB (#2)

I feel that bodyboarding is surprisingly strong in big waves. Especially, female bb's in Tanegashima are always deciding to go for long rides in big waves. Of course, they are advanced riders.

By the way, BB's super sessions are amazing.


BB's Long Ride (Part 3)

These are female BBs taking on the big waves of Tanegashima. We took a lot of pictures, so here is another one.

The image shakes when the wind blows, but it is hard for those who are taking pictures with umbrellas and storm treatment, but they tried their best to take pictures.


Bodyboarding is recommended for children, beginners and 50s, summary

I'm a photographer, so I don't really know what surfing is really like, but I did my best to research BB-related things.

I hope you can understand why bodyboarding is the best choice for those who want to start surfing and enjoy it quickly.

After all, "you don't have to stand on the board," "even beginners can enjoy it," and "the special feeling of being close to the surface of the ocean" are the biggest attractions of bodyboarding.

We wish you a wonderful surfing life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.


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