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Tanegashima Island is a sacred place for Japanese animation

Tanegashima Island is a sacred place for Japanese animation
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Tanegashima Island is about a pilgrimage to a sacred place for Japanese anime

There are movies and animations about Tanegashima. There are very few examples of stories about remote islands, but Tanegashima is special.

Here are some famous films and animations set on Tanegashima.

Life on the Longboard 2nd Wave is a must-see for surfing fans

Surfing films are surprisingly rare, but there are films shot on Tanegashima Island.

The filming was actually done on Tanegashima, and many local surfers appeared in the film as extras.

The main character actors also practice surfing, but for the scenes in which they perform big tricks in surfing, professional surfers substitute for the main characters, which can only be seen on location.

The heroines of the film are usually very fair-skinned, but when they were filmed, they wore tanning foundation so that they looked like surfers without any discomfort.

I was a little surprised when I met the heroines without tanning foundation on the island, because of their whiteness.

Amazon Prime Video  Life on the Longboard 2nd Wave

Life on the Longboard 2nd Wave reputation

Life on the Longboard 2nd Wave is a Japanese sports film released in 2015 and is a sequel to the previous film Life on the Longboard.

The film is a coming-of-age story about young people who find themselves and grow through surfing. Like the previous film, it is set in Okinawa.

Some audiences criticized the storyline as monotonous and boring compared to the previous film, but they appreciated the beautiful images, unique atmosphere, and love for surfing, with some saying they were moved by the film.

In addition, since many of Japan's leading surfers appear in the film, their surfing scenes are powerful, and the film has gained support from sports fans.

Overall, "Life on the Long Board 2nd Wave" is a film that, although not as well received as the previous film, can be enjoyed by those who enjoy sports and coming-of-age movies.

Tanegashima staging of Life on the Longboard 2nd Wave

Life on the Longboard 2nd Wave was filmed on Tanegashima Island, as was the previous film, so a discounted preview is being held on Tanegashima.

I went, and the two stars of the film also came to the event.

It is usually considered a no-no to film at movie previews, but there was a surprising twist at the Tanegashima stage greeting!

What a surprise! There was time for an "official photo session" where we could post our photos on social networking sites, etc.!

I'm glad I brought my camera. So, here are the photos that were officially allowed to be taken and shown to the public at the movie preview.

A great service: a special photo session at the Tanegashima preview of the movie (posting on SNS, etc. OK)

These photos were taken at a special photo session during the Life on the Longboard 2nd Wave stage greeting in Tanegashima, Japan, which was officially allowed to be shown on social networking sites.

Introducing Amazon's Prime Video

Life on the Longboard A must-see for any surfer!

This is the first part of Life on the Longboard 2nd Wave.

Amazon Prime Video Life on the Long Board

Life on the Longboard Reputation

Life on a Long Board" is a 2005 Japanese sports film, a coming-of-age story about young people who find themselves and grow through surfing.

The film depicts the main character, a high school student Yudai Iwasaki, who started surfing waves after a letter left by his father, and how he grows up facing himself and his friends.

The film was highly praised by some audiences for its unique Okinawan scenery and surfing footage, as well as for the performances of its starring actor Eita and co-star Kyoka Suzuki and other splendid actors, and was highly acclaimed by some audiences as a moving story.

On the other hand, however, the lightness of the story and the monotony of the direction were pointed out and criticized.

Overall, "Life on the Long Board" is an enjoyable film for those who like coming-of-age and sports films.

However, it may not be enough for those who are looking for depth and complexity in the story.

Anime 5 Centimeters per Second

The anime "5 Centimeters per Second" is the third work by director Makoto Shinkai, and if you are an anime fan, you probably don't know about it.

The catch copy of the anime "5 Centimeters per Second" is "How fast can I live to see you again?" It sounds a bit depressing to watch, but you will probably read it in one sitting.

The anime "5 Centimeters per Second" consists of three episodes: Episode 1 "Cherry Blossom Show", Episode 2 "Cosmonaut", and Episode 3 "5 Centimeters per Second", with Episode 1 "Cherry Blossom Show" and Episode 3 "Cosmonaut" taking place in Tokyo (Tochigi), but Episode 2 "Cosmonaut" is set in Tanegashima! The second episode, "Cosmonaut," however, is set on Tanegashima Island.

The main setting is Kagoshima Prefectural Nakatane High School - the high school, Route 58, and the convenience store in Nakatane Town where the main character stops on his way home from school are all depicted in the anime based on photos taken in the area.

Many people make a "pilgrimage to the Holy Land" to find the frames of the second episode "Cosmonaut" anime in the local area of Tanegashima.

This anime is very beautifully illustrated and has a storyline that is so deep that fans enjoy making various observations about it.

Even if you are not a surfing fan, you can enjoy this anime, and it is recommended by our site manager.


Amazon Prime Video  5 Centimeters per second

The pictures are really beautiful. It is worth watching just for the anime overview.

The second episode, "Cosmonaut," which depicts the main character, Takaki, from another character's point of view, is on Tanegashima, but the significance of Tanegashima only comes through in episodes 1 through 3. Although slight, Tanegashima has a surfing scene of Hanae, the heroine of Tanegashima.

It's the speed at which cherry petals fall. 5 centimeters per second". Akari, who always taught me important things, and Takaki, who tried to protect her.

Points not to miss on a pilgrimage to a sacred site on Tanegashima Island: (1) Aishop Ishidou Store

In "Cosmonauts" in 5 Centimeters per Second, the convenience store where the main characters, Takaki and Hanae, stop by in their Super Cub on their way home to buy "Yogruppe" and "Dairy Coffee" (a pack of coffee milk) is the Ishido-Ohira Store (Ishido-Ohira Store) in Nakatane Town.

*The store that appears in Robotics Notes is Aishop Nagai Store.

The Ishido-Ohira store is on Prefectural Road 75, so it is a little difficult to find.

Ishido-Ohira is located on a rural road in Tanegashima, but it is a bit difficult to miss it because of its location on the side of Route 58.

Although there are now car navigation systems, if you get lost, ask a local for help.

The appearance of the store, unchanged from the illustration in the anime, has probably been kept intact by the owner for the benefit of pilgrims to the Holy Land.

It would be a good idea to look through the notebooks provided at the store, which are written by pilgrims to the holy land, and leave your footprints behind.

It is also recommended to enjoy the Tanegashima specialty "yogurupte".

Points that cannot be missed on a pilgrimage to sacred places on Tanegashima Island (2) Prefectural Tanegashima Central High School

Tanegashima Chuo High School has appeared as the setting for various anime productions, and many anime fans visit the school as one of the places of pilgrimage to holy places.

Those who visit the area on a pilgrimage to a holy place for an anime will probably also visit Tanegashima Chuo High School, which is the model of the high school that the two main characters attend.

However, as this is an actual high school, visitors are not allowed to enter the parking lot or other areas without permission. Also, please do not bother the students and make a pilgrimage to the holy place.

It is best to take pictures from the main gate, not inside the school.

High school students on Tanegashima Island commute to school mainly by riding school buses from various locations, by being picked up by their parents, or by riding a moped to school on their own.

In the past, only Super Cubs or Mates were allowed to ride to school, but recently it seems that scooters are also permitted as school vehicles.

I was surprised when I first saw a group of high school girls riding Super Cubs when I was assigned to Tanegashima, but after being on the island for a few years, it seems to be "just normal.

Recently, I feel that high school students who ride Super Cubs are becoming fewer and fewer as they commute to work by bus.

Can't-miss points of interest on a pilgrimage to sacred sites on Tanegashima Island (3) Former site of the Tanegashima Airport

There is the "Old Tanegashima Airport" where Robotics Notes and Cosmonauts were set.

It is located relatively close to Tanegashima Chuo High School, and is where Hananao saw Takaki off in "Second 5.

This is the old Tanegashima Airport, although it is no longer in use. It is currently inaccessible, so pilgrims to the holy place can view it from outside the fence.

This site is used for firefighting competitions in each district in Tanegashima.

The place where Hanae Sumida, the heroine of "Cosmonauts," practiced surfing (4) Nakayama Beach

The depiction of surfing in "5 Centimeters per Second" may be a bit controversial among local surfers, but please enjoy the film without any formalities.

The place where Hanae Sumida practiced surfing is Nakayama Beach, one of the surfing spots on Tanegashima.

There are showers and toilets at this point, so you don't have to worry. Usually, there are not many surfers here, but local surfing competitions are sometimes held.

(5) The hill where you can see the windmill in the movie "Cosmonauts" of 5cm per second

As in the movie, there is a large windmill and a gymnasium in Nakatane Central Park (Sun no Sato Nakatane Town Central Sports Park).

The windmill is often out of order.

Nakatane Central Park is equipped with a beautiful ground, swimming pool, gymnasium, martial arts hall, tennis courts, ring, baseball field, playground, etc., and is also used for sports camps.

It is also the location of the evening portion of the Nakanago Yorai Iki Festival.

What other anime pilgrimage sites are difficult to find?

The Tanegashima Space Center, Uchugaoka Park, and Hamada Beach are depicted in the animation, but the most difficult places to find are the sugar cane fields and ordinary roads in Nakatane Town.

However, if you look for them, you will surely find them and have fun looking for them, so we will not introduce them on this site.

Please try to find them.

The reputation of the anime 5 centimeters per second

The film depicts three episodes of a long-distance relationship between the main characters, who were once lovers. The film is highly acclaimed for its sad and beautiful storyline and delicate visual beauty.

The film has been highly acclaimed worldwide and has won numerous film awards. In particular, it has been screened at film festivals overseas and received high acclaim.

It has also received high critical acclaim, with a 94% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a score of 81 out of 100 on Metacritic.

It is also highly supported by viewers, and is familiar to many anime fans both in Japan and abroad.

The delicate depiction, beautiful visual expressions, and emotional storyline resonate with people, making it a favorite among many.

Robotics Notes

This anime is a bit different; it is the third installment of the "Science Adventure Series". Therefore, characters from the previous series also appear.

Robotics Notes is a science fiction entertainment work that deals with internet and robot crimes committed by science and technology in the near future under the theme of "boys' and girls' dreams and youth," and the heroine is set to be the daughter of the director of the Tanegashima Space Center, to my surprise.

In Tanegashima Island, to my surprise, it is possible to make a pilgrimage to sacred sites linked to Google Map navigation with a smartphone.

Amazon Stage Robotics Notes (Stage version DVD)

Robotics Notes is also supported in North America, and there are a variety of North American editions and limited production editions of the series that are fun to look at.

The reputation of the anime "Robotics Notes" (strictly speaking)

Robotics Notes" is a robot anime that aired in 2012 and, like its predecessor "STEINS;GATE," is produced by 5pb. and Nitroplus.

The story is set in the year 2041, where the main characters are involved in a case amidst a race to develop humanoid robots.

While some anime fans have praised the strong influence of the previous work "STEINS;GATE," others have criticized the story and characters for their lack of appeal.

Some also said that the animation and direction were of low quality. As a result, the work has received mixed reviews from some fans.

On the other hand, it has received high praise in terms of the voice actors' performances and music, and some have said that the robot animation elements are also well depicted.

Overall, "Robotics Notes" has a lower rating than its predecessor "STEINS;GATE" and has a limited fan base. However, it is an enjoyable work for those who like robot animation and science fiction works.

Anime "Captain Earth" games and figures!

The anime "Captain Earth," an original work that aired in 2014, tells the story of boys and girls fighting to protect the Earth, but in a much larger volume.

Set on the island of Tanegashima, Captain Earth depicts a coming-of-age ensemble drama centered on a boy with a mysterious memory and his battle against the giant robot "Earth Engine" and the digital life form "Kiltgang," whose spirit resides in machines.

It is an original anime that reunited the staff of "STAR DRIVER: Tact of Brilliance," which aired in 2010.

The work is set on Tanegashima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture, so there are pilgrims who make a pilgrimage to this anime.

Animation, Captain Earth's Reputation

Captain Earth is generally highly acclaimed for its story and character designs, and is also popular for its intricate mecha designs and action scenes.

It is also known for the quality of its music and animation, making it a visually pleasing work as well.

On the other hand, it has been pointed out that some parts of the storyline are predictable.

Some also say that the speed of the story is reduced in the latter half of the story.

Overall, this work is known to be enjoyable for those who like fantasy elements and robot action.

Tanegashima Island is a sacred place for Japanese animation and other anime and movies

Here are some movies, anime, and novels set on Tanegashima Island.

Movie "Doryu no Uta: Undercover Agent REIJI" (2014) - A crime action movie set on Tanegashima Island. The film depicts the main character, an undercover police officer, as he struggles to solve crimes that occur on Tanegashima.

Novel "Shima Uta" (by Naoki Momota) - A novel set on Tanegashima. It tells the history of Tanegashima from the time of the war to the present day and the story of a song called "Shima Uta" that has been passed down on the island, but may be difficult to find on the Internet.

Anime "FAIRY TAIL: TENROU SHIMA-hen" (2009 - 2019) - Fantasy anime featuring the fictional island of Tenrou Island (天狼島), which is based on Tanegashima. It depicts the adventures of the main characters on Tenroshima Island.

There is also an old movie from the 1950s (Shima Uta) that is a historical movie about the Satsuma clan soldiers who participated in the defense of Tanegashima, and it is said that scenes from Tanegashima were also filmed there, but unfortunately, this movie is too old to be found and I have not seen it.

Japanese animation that we can be proud of in the world

There are many reasons why Japanese anime can be proud of its global reputation, but the main reasons are its individuality, high quality, global popularity, and thriving fan community.

  • Excellent story structure: Japanese animation often deals with complex story lines and deep themes, and has the ability to draw viewers in.
  • Many works focus on human drama, such as character growth and human relationships, and are supported by many people.
  • Unique Methods of Expression: Japanese animation has its own unique methods of expression. For example, character design, camera work, and production techniques are unique to anime from other countries. These techniques give a strong impression of the individuality and impression of the work.
  • High production quality: Japanese animation is produced using a variety of production methods, including hand-drawn and CG animation. In addition, attention to detail in music, sound effects, and voice acting can be seen.
  • Global Audience: Japanese animation is viewed around the world, and is particularly popular in the Western world. An increasing number of people overseas are becoming interested in Japanese anime, and the globalization of anime is progressing.
  • Growing fan community: Japanese anime has a large number of enthusiastic fans, and anime-related communities and events are thriving. As a result, there is an active exchange and transmission of culture through anime.

I highly recommend any of the Japanese anime, but "5 Centimeters per Second" is my top recommendation.

Tanegashima Island is a sacred place for Japanese animation Summary

In this issue, we have introduced movies and anime set on Tanegashima Island.

If you have not seen these animations, I highly recommend that you do so.

And when you come to Tanegashima, you can actually see high school students riding a Cub, and it is fun to travel (pilgrimage to sacred places) to find the scenery depicted in the anime.

I think you can enjoy marine sports to the fullest in Tanegashima, including pilgrimages to sacred places.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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